Mission and Vision

Mission: Be the unified body advocating for equity and justice in healthcare

Vision: To be a leading voice and driving force for ethnic minority populations

Core Values: Equity, Advocacy, Relevance, Diversity                   

Leadership Structure: NCEMNA represents a network of leaders from Member Organizations (AAPINA, NAHN, NANAINA, NBNA and PNAA) united by a shared mission, vision, professional core values, and common goals.


GOALS and Strategies:

  1. Advocate for accessible, equitable and culturally appropriate health care
  • Target minority initiatives that address specific health disparities
  1. Promote ethnic minority nurse leadership in areas of health policy, practice, education and research
  • Implement Leadership Development and Mentorship Programs
  1. Enhance innovation and excellence in healthcare
  • Develop and support research projects and innovative projects
  • Endorse best practice models of nursing practice, education and research for minority populations
  1. Build and strengthen alliances with other professional organizations to expand NCEMNA’s network of influence in the global community
  • Establish and promote partnerships among private and public entities
  1. Adapt a new leadership structure/model that promotes clear communication, connectivity and interrelatedness as a unified system
  • Create Strategic Teams to meet current challenges


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