“Rekindle the Spirit:
Reconnect the Circle of Indigenous Nursing”


National Alaska Native American Indian Nurses Association (NANAINA)

Conference June 16-17, 2017

St. Catherine University
Rauenhorst Ballroom
2004 Randolph Ave
St. Paul, MN

NANAINA is pleased to accept registration for our national conference. This conference is part of our mission and vision to bring healthcare students, educators, and providers together in an effort to improve the outcomes for American Indian/Alaska Native people and advance our nursing profession. Our goal for this conference is to rekindle the spirit and reconnect the circle of Indigenous nurses. It’s been many years since we’ve had a national conference so we are looking forward to rekindling those friendships and professional networks. This conference will be valuable for nursing students of all educational levels, practicing nurses of all professional levels working with American Indian/Alaska Native/First Nations patients, nurse educators, health care organizations and nursing schools serving American Indian/Alaska Native/First Nations people, and our cherished partners of NANAINA. At this year’s conference we will be recognizing, celebrating and honoring the contributions to the nursing profession by the late Dr. Roxanne Struthers (Ojibwe).

1. Recognize and celebrate the legacy and contributions to nursing by the late Dr. Roxanne Struthers, PhD, RN
2. Facilitate networking opportunities for AI/AN nurses, students, nurse educators/faculty and employers, and NANAINA partners
3. Discuss and develop strategies to increase the number of AI/AN nursing school graduates
4. Explore current and future AI/AN social, physical, community and mental health care needs
5. Report current research results and implications related to AI/AN health
6. Explore and propose mentoring opportunities for AI/AN nursing students and graduates


Contact Dr. Misty Wilkie, NANAINA President, Bemidji State University Assistant Professor

Email: mwilkie@bemidjistate.edu

Office: (218)755-2715 or Cell: (612) 280-7498

Download conference information: NANAINA 2017 Conference Registration

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